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6 Dog with Roofrack and jerrycan


6 Dog with Roofrack and jerrycan

Front left view open

Back left view closed

Back left view open

Back right view open

Easy access door opening

Coupler and jockey wheel

Jerrycan and holder

Numerplate holder and lights

Roof vents detail



• Perfectly balanced, yet light weight and durable.
• Body constructed from 0.9 mm corrosion resistant rigidised electro galvanized sheet steel.
• Dogs are separated by partitions.
• Each compartment is fitted with a mesh hole for cleaning.
• Six doors that are pad-lockable.
• Six adjustable sliding doors to protect the animal from wind, sun and rain.
• Sides are strengthened by formed top-hat sections which prevents drumming and vibration.
• Multi-function LED lights
• Weather-proof sprung roof-mounted air vents (trailer can be supplied without roof vents)
• Pad-lockable front mounted spare wheel bracket
• Steel number plate mounting panel
• Robust number plate light
• Adjustable jockey wheel
• Coated cast alloy door hinges
• Including spare wheel 165x13inch
• Steel roof rack (2124x999x380mm) with clearance for opening roof vents

A Height (over all) 1510 mm
B Height (side) 1040 mm
C Length (body) 2400 mm
D Length (over all) 3490 mm
E Width (inside) 1170 mm
F Width (over all) 1645 mm
G Ground Clearance 255 mm
Technical Info
Tare Mass 300 kg
GVM 700 kg
Pay Load 400 kg
Brakes No brakes
Axle Length 1450 mm
Axle Capacity 750 kg
Leaf Springs 6 Blade 36 inch
Wheels 165 x 13 inch
Subject to our general terms and conditions of supply and delivery. Technical data, pricing, dimensions, and weights are subject to change, due to a policy of continual product development. The illustrations are for reference only. Dimensions are in millimetres. Venter Trailers reserves the right to alter design and specifications without prior notice.