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Flatdeck 3m with rails and jerrycan holders


Flatdeck 3m with rails and jerrycan holders

Front right view closed

Back view closed

Back view open

Back view open

Coupler and jockey wheel

Front storage box

Jerrycan holders

Support legs down

Support leg up

Support leg down

Tailgate rail hinge pivot

Tailgate rail lock handle

Tailgate catch


Flatdeck with rails and jerrycans

This large 3 metre tandem axle flatdeck trailer has some additional storage features. These include four jerrycan holders as well as a large front-mounted padlockable storage box.


• Side rails of 785 mm height
• Two adjustable rear support legs
• Removable rear pivoting rails
• Four padlockable jerrycan holders
• Alko coupler with handbrake
• Adjustable 8 inch jockey wheel
• Large front storage box 1615x500x300
• Aluminium handle on storage box lid
• Multi-function LED lights
• Numberplate holder and light
• Drop-down tailgate
• Strengthened floor for heavy loads


A Height (over all) 1740 mm
B Height (side) 1280 mm
H Height (rails) 785 mm
C Length (body) 3100 mm
D Length (over all) 4730 mm
E Width (inside) 1525 mm
F Width (over all) 2075 mm
G Ground Clearance 250 mm
I Length (nose-cone) 300 mm
Technical Info
Tare Mass 580 kg
GVM 1580 kg
Pay Load 1000 kg
Brakes Run-in brakes
Axle Length 1890 mm
Axle Capacity 1500 kg x 2
Leaf Springs Rubber suspension
Wheels 165 x 13 inch
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