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Special Purpose Kiosk


Special Purpose Kiosk

Kiosk left side view closed

Back view open

Front door open with step

Front step extended

Front step extended door closed

Front step retracted

Retracting step mechanism

Front wall exterior air vents inside

Front floor cladding

Front wall exterior air vents

Front right support leg

Back view of numberplate and light

Interior light fitting

Interior view with shelving

Gas bottle holder

Power distribution board and light

Internal storage cabinets

Pad-lockable door handle

Inside door handle

Robust door hinges

Front compartment roof vents

Front roof vents open

Licence holder on mudguard

Spare wheel holder on mudguard


Special Purpose Kiosk

Special Purpose Kiosk
This is an ideal multi-purpose solution for entrepreneurs, who need to provide a specific product and service offering to customers. Entrepreneurs equip the trailer for many different purposes. Venter Manufacturing does custom internal infrastructure to suit the client’s particular application.
The trailer main interior is large and spacious and can easily accommodate equipment and goods. The front area is a secondary space that is generous enough to be used for many purposes. Both the main and front areas are accessible through full-height doors.
• Roof height allows for full-height standing room.
• Floor space sufficient to accommodate other equipment
• Floor structure is manufactured from quality corrosion resistant steel
• Floors clad with aluminium tread-plate
• Body made from corrosion resistant steel
• 2 x roof-mounted spring-loaded air vents in main compartment
• 2 x roof-mounted spring-loaded air vents in front compartment
• 2 x wall-mounted spring-loaded air vents in front compartment
• Internal overhead light is provided for illuminating the interior
• 4 x storage tray-shelves inside on the left side one shelf on right side
• Front nosecone compartment isolated from the rest of the vehicle
• Pad-lockable full-height door in front nosecone compartment
• Pad-lockable full-height rear access door
• Gas bottle securing bracket in the main area for 2x19kg gas bottles
• 4 x heavy-duty adjustable support legs on corners for stabilizing the trailer
• 1 x Retractable and lockable access step for easy entry through rear door
• 1 x Retractable and lockable access step for easy entry through front door
• Retracting spring-loaded steps have 200kg maximum load
• New adjustable 200mm double polypropylene and PVC jockey wheel
• Multi-function LED lights
• Pad-lockable spare wheel bracket mounted on left side mudguard
• Galvanised ‘Sigma Auto-reverse type’ coupler
• Run-in brakes
• Caravan plug outlet for power supply on right back side of trailer
• 2 x 14 inch 6 stud wheels
• 1 x 14 inch 6 stud spare wheel
• 2 x pad-lockable storage containers mounted on left inside main area
• 1 x electrical distribution switchboard
(Note: Custom equipment to customer’s requirements and cost – not included)
A Height (over all) 2585 mm
B Height (side) 2085 mm
C Length (body) 2790 mm
D Length (over all) 3205 mm
E Width (inside) 1530 mm
F Width (over all) 2000 mm
G Ground Clearance 220 mm


Technical Info
Tare Mass 510 kg
GVM 1100 kg
Pay Load 590 kg
Brakes Braked
Axle Length 1830 mm
Axle Capacity 1800 kg
Leaf Springs 10 Blade
Wheels 195 x 14 inch


Door (front – height) 1760 mm
Door (front – width) 860 mm
Door (rear – height) 1760 mm
Door (rear – width) 860 mm
Subject to our general terms and conditions of supply and delivery. Technical data, pricing, dimensions, and weights are subject to change, due to a policy of continual product development. The illustrations are for reference only. Dimensions are in millimetres. Venter Trailers reserves the right to alter design and specifications without prior notice.