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Traveller 10 Sputnik Tandem (braked)


Traveller 10 Sputnik Tandem (braked)

Back view

Back view open

Spare wheel holder

Adjustable support leg

Jockey wheel and coupler

Multi-function LED light



Designed for transportation of luggage, bulky goods, plants, sport equipment, parcels etc.

• Body and roof constructed from 0.9mm corrosion resistant electro-galvanised sheet steel.
• Doors are pad-lockable and can be found at the left side and the back of the trailer for easy loading.
• All doors are pad-lockable and equipped with new heavy-duty hinges for robust usage
• Sides are strengthened by formed hat-sections which prevents drumming and vibration.
• Two adjustable extending supporting back legs to provide levelling and stability when parked on uneven ground
• 7x ring holders to tighten luggage
• Multi-function LED lights
• Heavy-duty coupler
• Spare Wheel holder which is pad-lockable
• Fitted with run-in brakes for maximum safety
• Fitted with 2 Rubax axles.
• Adjustable durable jockey wheel 8 inch
• Including spare wheel 165×13 inch

A Height (over all) 2060 mm
B Height (side) 1660 mm
C Length (body) 3610 mm
D Length (over all) 4540 mm
E Width (inside) 1525 mm
F Width (over all) 2045 mm
G Ground Clearance 280 mm
Technical Info
Tare Mass 740 kg
GVM 1740 kg
Pay Load 1000 kg
Brakes Run – in
Axle Length 1890 mm
Axle Capacity 1500 kg X 2
Leaf Springs Rubax Axle
Wheels 165 x 13 inch
Door (rear – height) 1330 mm
Door (rear – width) 1050 mm
Door (side – height) 1280 mm
Door (side – width) 730 mm
Subject to our general terms and conditions of supply and delivery. Technical data, pricing, dimensions, and weights are subject to change, due to a policy of continual product development. The illustrations are for reference only. Dimensions are in millimetres. Venter Trailers reserves the right to alter design and specifications without prior notice.