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Savuti unbraked


Savuti unbraked

Back view closed

Front view open

Draw out rack and storage boxes optional

Two adjustable support legs

Two jerrycan holders

Multi-function LED lights

Roof rack with table storage space

Gas bottle holder for 2x5kg cylinders

5 kg gas bottles in holder

Galvanised coupler and jockey wheel

Front view with optional tent

Back view with optional tent

Optional stainless steel water tank


A Conservation Solution

In today’s conservation-minded times, solutions that are efficient and cost effective are essential. This off-road trailer provides the right balance between maximising space utilisation and compact size. 

The trailer sports a deeper body than standard trailers, allowing for storage of typical camping equipment inside. Access to the interior is very easy with a rear tailgate and a gas-assisted top lid.

Gas bottles and jerry cans are neatly tucked away in exterior spaces, freeing up valuable interior space. Added stability when parked, comes from four extension legs, that neatly tuck away..

A robust steel roof rack adds that extra provision for large and bulky items. This sturdy roof rack easily accommodates an optional two-man tent in a few configurations, and has a table compartment.
This new contemporary trailer is specifically designed for the conservation-minded outdoor enthusiast. It features superb space utilisation getting more into less. This trailer has :


• A deep body of over 500 mm for those larger items.
• Large 14 inch wheels for rough terrain, plus spare wheel
• Four extension legs providing stability on uneven ground
• A robust steel roof rack with table storage compartment
• The trailer is fitted with a secure gas cylinder compartment, for two 5 kg gas cylinders mounted on the front A-Frame
• Provision to attach a 2-man tent onto the roof rack
• Two jerry-can containers mounted on the rear sides of the trailer
• A wide rear tailgate for access to the trailer interior
• A gas lift assisted flip-up trailer lid allowing for easy access to the trailer interior, even with the two-man tent attached
• 6 inch adjustable jockey wheel with two fitted bearings
• 36 inch 8 blade leaf springs
• 8 ring holders for securing luggage inside
• Very sturdy hot dip galvanised coupler
• Multi-function LED lights
• Independent tailgate can be opened and closed with the trailer lid down


• Rear tailgate draw-out rack 610mm x 830mm
• A stainless steel watertank with large tray (1030x825x70) on top
• Two person tent
• Nosecone

See the new jockey wheel here 

A Height (over all) 1330 mm
B Height (side) 840 mm
C Length (body) 1805 mm
D Length (over all) 2750 mm
E Width (inside) 1135 mm
F Width (over all) 1575 mm
G Ground Clearance 265 mm
I Length (nose-cone) 520 mm
Technical Info
Tare Mass 280 kg
GVM 750 kg
Pay Load 470 kg
Brakes No brakes
Axle Length 1400 mm
Axle Capacity 1250 kg
Leaf Springs 8 blade 36 inch
Wheels 195×14 inch
Door (rear – height) 440 mm
Door (rear – width) 620 mm