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Savuti XLX with extras


Savuti XLX with extras

Back view closed

Front left view open

Back left view open

Wash up area open

Washing table and gas bottle

Front extension leg down

Adjustable jockey wheel

Lockable water outlet

Nosecone open

Secured table compartment

Table compartment retention bar

Securing hooks for table

Table sliding into compartment

Stove compartment opened

Side drawout rack with optional ammo boxes

Washing bowl storage

Water inlet detail

Water inlet interior detail



Savuti-XLX extras with tent

The new Savuti-XLX, is a quality eye-catching off-road trailer that is well designed to provide a more compact, yet spacious outdoor experience. Featuring a water tank and full kitchen with a two-hob gas cooker, gas bottle holder, and collapsible wash-up table and the 14 inch ‘trak-grip’ tyres that provide a true off-road capability.


• Zinc-galvanised steel body, epoxy powder coated, colour beige
• A deep body of 590 mm for those larger items.
• Four extension legs providing stability on uneven ground
• A robust roof rack provides for carrying large items externally, like a two person tent, and a storage compartment for a washing table.
• The trailer is fitted with a large nosecone, with gas lift assisted lid, mounted on the front A-Frame
• Aluminium handle on trailer lid and nosecone lid
• Plastic handle toggle catch on trailer lid and nosecone lid
• A two-person tent attached onto the roof rack
• One jerry-can container mounted on the rear right side of the trailer
• A wide rear tailgate for access to the trailer interior, without lifting trailer lid
• A padlockable side door for access to drawout rack
• Side drawout rack 455mm x 1075mm
• A 80l 304 stainless steel water tank with locking filler cap and outlet tap
• Large tray (1030x825x70) on top of water tank
• A gas lift assisted trailer lid allowing for access to the trailer interior, even with the tent attached
• 8 inch adjustable jockey wheel
• 36 inch 8 blade leaf springs
• 8 ring holders for securing luggage inside
• Forged Alko pivoting coupler
• Strong construction using 30% more steel than standard trailers allowing for 4×4 conditions
• Long-life 1250kg axle, numberplate twin light, multi-function LED lights
• Trakgrip steel-belt light truck/recreational radial-ply tyres with a multipurpose pattern for on-and off-road use. The SP Trakgrip offers excellent off-road traction, braking and manoeuvrability in wet or dry conditions.
These tyres have excellent high-speed steering ability plus high levels of comfort, ride refinement, low noise characteristics and improved straight-line performance in highway applications.
• Spare wheel also Trakgrip.